Andes Pacifico is an Mountain Bike Enduro race that last five days with liaisons and special stages that run crosswise the Geography of Chile.

Our mission is to show Chile and it his ancestral trails made ​​by cowboys and Indians from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean.

The competition starts +3500 meters above the sea and crosses westward over valleys of different geographies, landscapes and vegetation to reach the Pacific Ocean after 5 days and +12,000 meters of descent.

For the first time the event will have the option to live the experience from the middle of the race . Half of the Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico Montenbaik Enduro.

Another great news for 2021 is the incorporation of the E-bike category as a way to experience the future of this event and the limits.

During these five days the riders will be challenged by very technical trails and physical difficulty, for isolated geographies where the good state of mind is one of the most needed to finish this competition.


The competition is based on the sum of the times of each racer’s  (no teams) special stage (SS or PE in spanish). There will be from 2 to 5 SS per day. The liaisons are not timed, but there is a deadline for the last stage of the day.

Riders can manage their time to complete the liaisons or transfers. The organization will close the stage at a certain time, which will be communicated in advance. This track closure is based on the safety of the participants.

The times are registered through our Sportident Chip system, for which each competitor has a personal and non-transferable Chip that is delivered each morning before departing the competition.

The Chip are owned by Montenbaik and are no disposable. Each lost Chip, the participant must pay the value of it (USD $ 100.00), so it is the rider’s responsibility to attached it correctly.


Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico 2021 Registration is open

Entries quota is a max 50 riders for the 2021 edition.

The registration fee for FUll Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico will be $ 2,000 USD + service fee.

The registration fee for Half Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico will be $ 1,200 USD + service fee


Registration includes:

  • Fully sign route for 5 days (or 3 days), which passes through a variety of landscapes and trails from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Route description data with Distance and Altimetry.
  • Rally-Enduro Format timed stages and days.
  • Shuttles and / or Lifts to take up every morning the riders to the beginning of the stages.
  • Camping sites where the organization will have setup the tents and dinners.
  • Kit Transport (bicycle clothing and equipment) from one camp to another .
  • Unpack and transportation of your tent and an air mattress, from one field to another (ie, your tent will be ready on arrival at each camp each afternoon)
  • 2 meals prepared for you every day: breakfast, dinner and snacks for lunch.
  • Snacks and rehydration on arrival at the camp.
  • Care and attention of professional medical personnel on the track and camp area.
  • Technical support of a team of professional mechanics.
  • Andes Pacifico 2021 T shirt event

To access the registration page click here.

Cancellation policy Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico 2021

Participations are not transferable or deferrable (for example, to the following year). However, they are partially refundable, if you contact us by email according to the following calendar:

Registration fee:

  • 85% refund before February 1st, 2021, after that date there will be no refund.
  • 95% refund if the event must be canceled due to a pandemic situation.

No exceptions. 

Note: Certain travel insurance policies cover the refund of entry fees in the event of inability to participate, we strongly suggest that you purchase such a policy.