FEBRUARY 15th – 21th


Competition Regulations

The Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico is a mountain biking sport event which will take place on February 15th – 21th. This year the event will have the option of living half of the race starting on Wednesday 17, with 4 nights and 3 days of special stages.

  1. RACES

Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico is a Mountain Bike Enduro race that lasts five days with liaisons and special stages that run crosswise the Geography of Chile.


To participate in The Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico it is necessary:

  • To be completely conscious that this race requires a high level of mountain biking skills.
  • To have an autonomous capacity in the mountain which permit the solution of problems without the
  • help of third parties, which might present themselves in this type of race (climate changes, injuries, tolerance to mental pressure, fatigue, etc).
  • To be completely aware that it is not the Organization’s responsibility to solve a rider’s problems (loss of the path, feeding or rehydrating on non-authorized points, etc).

ACTIVITY INSURANCE: To be able to race “Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico” each rider needs to have the appropriate level of activity insurance. The minimum coverage of this insurance should be:

  • International private hospitals, § Mountain Biking, (downhill)
  • Wilderness rescue
  • Air Rescue
  • Each rider must carry the mandatory materials at all times. These materials may be required before the start or at any checkpoint. Every participant must submit to the foresaid control amiably, under threat of being penalized in the race.
  • The supply checkpoints will have beverages and food. Each competitor is responsible for consuming the appropriate quantity of liquids and solids needed to finish the race.
  • To understand that, all personal professional assistance (training coach or team, physician or other type of medical profession or paramedical) is strictly prohibited.
  • Only people over 18 years of age at the date of the event with identity certificate (on their person) will be accepted.
  • To present payment voucher.
  • To present the official Health Declaration which guarantees his or her capacity for high level races and which might help in case of possible accidents.
  • This document must be read. If you have any doubts or questions write to andespacifico@montenbaik.com



The competition starts at 36000 meters aprox. and crosses westward over ten valleys of different geographies, landscapes and vegetation to reach the Pacific Ocean after 5 days, descending nearly 11,000 vertical meters total. Each day will have between 15 to 30 km long stages.


Starting time for each rider will differ by predetermined schedules set by the Organizers, which will be detailed before the race.

The organization will provide transportation for the departure of each day of competition, this may be on a ski lift or 4×4 for a maximum of 4 competitors per vehicle.

The Organizers reserve the right to change the Schedule, opportunely notifying any changes through the event ́s official website.


This is not a GPS navigation race, but some navigation skills are needed to follow mountain trails with low traffic. Only the most important places are demarcated.


  • Blue plastic tape hanging.
  • Signs with arrows.

Special Stages:

  • Yellow plastic tape when paths cross.
  • Red plastic tape for difficult or dangerous places


Every night there will be a riders’ meeting where the next day’s program and course are explained.

Riders can take notes if they think it is necessary.



a) The competitors will carry a timing control chip, throughout the whole race, it obtains the results once the race is finalized. The chip is tied to the wrist and must be returned once the rider crosses the finish line. The rider is responsible to return the chip to the staff. If a competitor loses the chip, the race results will also be lost and the rider must pay its cost (USD $100).

This chip will give detailed information of the time at each checkpoint.


There will be a control at each of the checkpoints. There will be staff in contact with medical services in case riders need it.


Once the registration process is complete, you will receive a payment receipt in the e-mail indicated on the application form with the option to download it on PDF.

It is the responsibility of the participant to download this receipt, print it out and present it to receive the competition kit to avoid any inconveniences. Distribution of competition kits will take place on February 6th location to be confirmed by email.


Andes Pacifico is a race, but at the same time it is a very long adventure in inhospitable land. The organization has a rescue plan to ensure timely assistance to every rider who needs it.

Plan first aid assistance:

  • As a first intervention we have a team of two people trained in first aid in the remote areas who will be close the route every day.
  • 4X4 Equipment with paramedics, if the area allows it.
  • Direct contact with rescue helicopter. (The cost of helicopter rescue is responsibility of theparticipant, if the participant is not conscious to make the decision to call a helicopter or has severe injuries, the organization has the power to make this call and protect the integrity of the participant.)
  • Each participant of this event has the obligation to assist any participant injured on the road, looking for the fastest way to notify the organization, either by phone or with the help of another participant who can reach the next area of the organization staff.10. ETHICAL REGULATIONSThe following will be considered important faults to good sportsmanship behaviour and could cause penalties, which go from time punishments to disqualification.
  • Accompanied by another rider that is not participating in the race / disqualification.
  • Riders cannot use any transport system unauthorized by the organization / disqualification.
  • Arriving late to a checkpoint / disqualification.
  • Change the number plate with another rider / disqualification.
  • Throwing/leave thrash in any area / disqualification.
  • Not give security/health assistance to another rider that needs it / 30 minutes.
  • Being disrespectful with the staff or other riders / 30 minutes.
  • Not yielding to a rider overtaking from behind / 30 minutes.

Unless you are injured, it is prohibited for all riders to abandon the race outside of a control point. Once at the control point, and in the case you wish to retire, you must inform the chief of the control point of your desire to abandon the race and he or she will nullify your number and receive the competition chip.

In case of abandoning the race past a control point, it will be necessary to return to the pass point and inform your withdrawal to the control point chief. If the rider does not use this method of abandonment, he or she will not be under the responsibility of the Organizers.

In case of injury, the rider must notify a person from the organization or the closest rider, so medical attention can be summoned quickly and the rider can be officially withdrawn from the race.


  • Mandatory materials and racing equipment:
  • MTB Helmet and a full-face helmet to use on the special stages
  • Knee Protection
  • Gloves
  • Mobile phone. Record the organizers contact number. Maintain the phone charged and on.
  • A water bottle/ camelback with a minimum 1L capacity.
  • A GPS
  • A whistle.
  • Food reserve.
  • A third layer jacket (with hood) made with waterproof membrane (Gore-Tex or similar), so as to endure possible bad weather in the mountains.

Highly recommended materials:

  • A change of warm clothes, essential in case of cold weather conditions or injury.
  • Sunscreen.

The official time is the sum of all special stages times that the rider achieves at the end of the race, plus possible penalty time, which the participant might get during the race by infringing the rules describe in the “10. Ethical regulations”. The results will be published on www.andespacificoenduro.com at the end of every day.


The top three of each category.

  1. Cancellation policy Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico 2021Participations are not transferable or deferrable (for example, to the following year). However, they are partially refundable, if you contact us by email according to the following calendar:

    Registration fee:

    • 85% refund before February 1st, 2021, after that date there will be no refund.
    • 95% refund if the event must be canceled due to a pandemic situation.

    No exceptions. 

Note: Certain travel insurance policies cover the refund of entry fees in the event of inability to participate, we strongly suggest that you purchase such a policy.

  • Entries quota is a max 50 riders for the 2021 edition.
  • Entry fee will be $2.000 USD + service fee (same as 2020).
  • Entry fee for Hal Andes Pacifico will be $1200 USD + service fee.




“Each participant” declares and guarantees the following:
a) He or she has whole physical and psychological capacity to comprehend and voluntarily accept what is enunciated in the present document, finds his or herself medically apt and adequately trained for the realization of the activities set forth in ANDES PACIFICO and accepts any decision that a judge of “The Race” might make relative to the capacity of the participant to safely complete the race.

  1. b) Acknowledges that participating in “Andes Pacifico” is a potentially dangerous activity and assumes all and any risks associated with it, including, but not limited to falls, injuries, illnesses, contact with other participants and climatic conditions, including temperature and/or humidity, vehicular transit and road conditions, all risks known and previously appreciated by “the participant”.
  2. c) Will perform the activities related with “Andes Pacifico” by his or her own will and at his or her
    own and exclusive risk, assuming exclusive responsibility for his or her own activity, property, health and physical and/or psychological integrity, limiting all responsibility and expressly renouncing to make any type of claim against the organizers and/or sponsors of “The Race”; the volunteers, government institutions, and the representatives and/or their successors, regarding to any type of damage, including but not limited to physical, moral, material, theft, burglary, loss or any type of damage which could be inflicted on the person or his or her property, before, during, or after the activities related to “Andes Pacifico”, even though these damages could eventually arise from negligence or fault of the forenamed.
  3. d) He or she is not hired by the organizers and/or sponsors, nor subject to their control or instructions nor receives any benefit for his or her participation in “The Race”.
  4. e) Comprehends the magnitude of the event and to preserve the security of the other riders understands that the circulation of support bicycles or other types of vehicles during the race is prohibited except for those of the organizers.
  5. f) The organizers are authorized to withdraw from “Andes Pacifico” those who do not comply with the aforesaid condition and who attempt against the security of other riders or themselves.


“The Participant” expressly authorizes the organizers and/or sponsors of “Andes Pacifico” to utilize any type of recorded material of the event, and to take photographs and images of him or her and or to film him
or her, record his or her voice, sounds, conversations and/or testimonies, once he or she is registered in “Andes Pacifico”, being able to give said images and sounds any legitimate use. Also, expressly authorizes the organizers and/or sponsor to broadcast his or her personal information and/or biography in relation to “Andes Pacifico”. All this, in the understanding that there is no violation whatsoever to the privacy of “The Participant” and/or his family. In this sense, “The Participant” surrenders in this act and in a wantonly

And irrevocable manner his or her rights of image, name and voice to the organizers and/or sponsors for the free and unlimited use by part of the forenamed in all types of communications mediums, including internet, once he or she is registered in “Andes Pacifico” and/or participates in it, without obligation by part of the forenamed to pay or give any benefits.

“The Participant” recognizes that the material obtained is property of the organizers and/or sponsors, and that the present surrender does not expire in time, thus all photographs, images, or sounds of any type obtained from “Andes Pacifico”, as well as personal information and biography of “The Participant” can be utilized in any moment, and may even cede them to third parties, even after concluded “Andes Pacifico”.

“The Participant” understands that the present is a legal document related to his or her participation in “Andes Pacifico” and by signing it expressly renounces to make any claim and/or take legal action against the organizers; sponsors or others related to “Andes Pacifico”, as well as the surrender of rights here made and/or the use by the foresaid of his or her images, voice, sounds and personal information.

“The participant” also declares that: At the moment of the inscription he or she understands the security measures the organizers take in case of an accident within the event are in benefit of “the participants” health and stability, thus it is understood that medical derivation will be realized to the closest hospital and/or medical assistance center whoever has the best urgency attention according to the injury ́s risk level, where all the corresponding services will be rendered to “The Participant”. If he or she wishes to be derived to another medical institution, this coordination will only be taken after the person is in capacity of understanding what has happened and can make a decision.

The Organizers (Brand, producer, government entities and medics, sponsor and all related institution) will not bear the economic cost of transferring from the clinic or hospital to the medical facility that “The Participant” prefers. Nor will it cover the medical costs incurred at the hospital or clinic selected by the participant (nor the predefined by the Organizers) and/or the costs associated to the posterior recuperation of “The Participant”. This based on that at the time of inscription, it is “The Participant” who assumes and frees from responsibility the Organizers, when declaring that he or she is in sound physical and psychological condition to participate in “The Andes Pacifico”. Clarified this point, the Organizers will fulfill their duty of transferring the injured “Participant” to the medical facility which best fits the foresaid characteristics. In case that “The Participant” is conscious at the time of check in to the facility, he or she will have to sign a new document which will indicate clearly that he or she accepts to being checked in to the facility, or that he or she does not accept under his or her own free will, The Organizers, relying on this document, have complete faculties to take measures to guard the health and wellbeing of the rider by checking them in to the medical facility, but posterior to that, it is “The Participant” who assumes every and all cost associated to his or her recuperation.